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One-Stop Event & Expo Production Solutions for Global Companies

Caplex Concepts simplifies and streamlines entrance to Hong Kong market for global companies by providing one-stop event & expo planning, design, production and set up services.

We go one step further than traditional vendors by combining physical and digital mediums and open up new O2O opportunities, including cooperating with influencers to raise awareness and attendance for your events, designing and operating online RSVP systems, and creating online stores to stay connected with customers acquired through trade shows and exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Get in touch with us now and learn how our one-stop event & expo production solutions, enhanced by O2O integration options can help your business achieve new heights.

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Sample Use Cases

A brand looking for business partners

Attending industry specific trade shows and exhibitions remain the most effective way of reaching selected groups of quality businesses interested in relevant sectors in the digital age, as some brand values and unique qualities may be difficult to transmit remotely.

To help clients land ideal business partners, Caplex Concepts designs and sets up expo booths that stands out from the pack, maximizing the utility of every inch of precious space in Hong Kong’s busy exhibition centers, taking into consideration brand identity, characteristics of featured products and the flow of visitors around the hall.

Furthermore, we develop purpose built webpages that elaborates on the exhibits, accessible via QR codes integrated into the booth’s design, and ran targeting ad campaigns shortly before and during the exhibition period to lead potential customers directly to the client’s booth, combining the power of the Internet’s broad reach and physical representative’s persuasiveness to improve the chances of success.

An innovative company seeking to raise awareness

Well planned and executed conferences, annual dinners, product launches, grand openings, corporate events, anniversaries and ceremonies can go a long way in raising brand awareness, staff and customer loyalty.

Caplex Concepts ensures that our client’s event leave a lasting impression in attendee’s minds. We design colourful, engaging backdrops to create an engaging atmosphere in concert with crafty decorations, audio / visual effect & lighting.

To boost attendance and broaden reach, we integrate O2O elements by developing easy to use online RSVP systems that automates the invitation and registration process, collaborating with influencers to produce content promoting the event and recording highlights of the event on social media that could be valuable for future marketing campaigns.

An online store expanding to new markets

Professionally designed, visually pleasing product photo and localized descriptive text are key to online business that does not have a touchable product.

Caplex Concepts’ team of professional writers and graphics designers create innovative products presentations that are appealing to the target audience, run highly relevant keyword ads on search engines to draw in visitors, and cooperate with influencers to create publicity for the store.

To reduce shipping cost and help our client boost their price competitiveness, we fulfill orders directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong, taking advantage of geographic proximity to the world’s manufacturing centers and absence of taxes on trade.